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All DVS team members in the education, transition, and employment programs are teleworking, and are connected via phone and email, and can perform almost all direct-service activities for Veterans and their families during normal working hours.

Organization V3 Certification Request

Organization V3 Certification Request


Governor Glenn Youngkin
Attn: V3 Program
James Monroe Building
101 N 14 th Street, 17 th Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219

RE: Request for Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Membership

Dear Governor Youngkin,

Our organization hereby requests to become a V3 Certified Employer. We understand the value a qualified Veteran brings to a civilian workforce and what it means to recruit Veterans actively to meet our future hiring needs. We are excited about the new opportunities the V3 Program has to offer. We look forward to focusing our hiring and retention efforts to specifically hire and retain Veterans.

We believe Veterans, to include serving Guardsmen and Reservists, do and will continue to play an essential role in the building of a competent and successful workforce, and many will be the future leaders of our business.

Over the next year our organization expects to hire Veterans and Military Spouses as a part of our hiring strategy and we will report those Veteran and Military Spouse hires in the Commonwealth of Virginia to the Department of Veteran Services on a quarterly basis. We understand that at times we may not be in a position to hire; however, we will still report “0” understanding that the V3 Program is not punitive. Moreover, we will provide ongoing support to military workforce development by encouraging our internal culture and community to become more Veteran-friendly.



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