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All DVS team members in the education, transition, and employment programs are teleworking, and are connected via phone and email, and can perform almost all direct-service activities for Veterans and their families during normal working hours.

Hiring Virginia’s Women Veterans

Hiring Virginia’s Women Veterans


The Virginia Women Veteran Program was created and authorized by Governor Ralph Northam and the 2018 General Assembly in recognition that more than 100,000 women veterans now live in the Commonwealth.

Virginia has a unique opportunity to help Veterans gain career employment. Our Commonwealth has one of the youngest Veterans population in the United States, and the fastest growing Veteran labor force in the United States. Moreover, Virginia has the highest per capita of Women Veterans of any state in the U.S. Thousands of new Veterans enter Virginia’s workforce each year, and that number is projected to rise in the coming years.


While many employers are unaware of the value Veterans can bring to their workforce, thousands more are seeking to hire Veterans as a part of their workforce but don’t know how.

The Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program has partnered with the Virginia Women Program to encourage V3 Certified Companies to hire Women Veterans. The V3 Program not only aims to educate and train companies on why it is a good business decision to recruit, hire, train, and retain Veterans, but also to help those committed companies meet their hiring goals. V3 offers free training and certification for employers to help them implement nationally recognized best practice.

If you are already a V3 Certified Employer? Submit your Woman Veteran Hires HERE.

Contact Ms. Beverly VanTull, Virginia Women Program Manager to learn more about how to support Women Veterans.
Phone: 804-786-0571

Visit the Virginia Women Veterans Program Online

Virginia Department of Veteran Services- Women Veterans Report

Service Women by the Numbers

If you are an employer interested in joining the V3 Program to become V3 Certified, contact the appropriate V3 Point of Contact (POC) to learn more.

Jasmine Gore– Central VA V3 POC

Mark Buehlman– Tidewater & Hampton Roads V3 POC

Meagan LoBuglio – Southwest VA V3 POC

Michael Glascock – Northern VA V3 POC




How it Works

Step 1:


To begin, submit an Online Application via the link below. We will assign a regional manager to assist with V3 certification. Enrollment, Training, and Certification are FREE.

Step 2:


The V3 Team puts on regular V3 employer training seminars throughout the state, as well as conducts online training seminars to help enrolled V3 companies complete the training requirements for state certification.

Step 3:


After certification, your company is listed in our “Certified Companies” page. After being certified you can also apply for the V3 Grant for qualified Veterans employed by your company/agency.

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