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All DVS team members in the education, transition, and employment programs are teleworking, and are connected via phone and email, and can perform almost all direct-service activities for Veterans and their families during normal working hours.

V3 Certified Employer Toolkit

V3 Certified Employer Toolkit

  • Company Business Cards

    • Use your company business card as a powerful marking tool by adding the V3 Certified Employer Seal to attract Veterans.

      Download the V3 Certified Employer Seal and V3 Program logo here. Review the V3 Program’s V3 Program Branding Standards here to learn more.


  • Company Marketing Materials

    • Add the V3 Certified Employer Seal to your official marketing materials to attract Veterans. Consider adding a statement such as “Proud Partner of the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program” with the V3 program logo as well. Your organization will attract Veterans and brand your organization as a Military-Friendly Employer. Consider what this marketing could do when analyzing how to set your organization apart from your competitors.

      Download the V3 Certified Employer Seal and V3 Program logo here. Review the V3 Program’s V3 Program Branding Standards here to learn more.


  • Official Website

    • Add the V3 Program logo to the official website for your organization. Consider adding a statement such as “Proud Partner of the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program”.

      Add the V3 Certified Employer Seal to the career web page on the official website. Veterans will recognize your organization as a Military-Friendly Employer. Ensure that the V3 Program has the correct career page on file and is displayed on the V3 Programs’s “Certified Companies” web page. Complete the “Update Listing POC” online form if adjustments are needed. If additional help is required, please contact your assigned V3 POC if you need any assistance.


  • Military Job Seeker Outreach

    • Attract military job seekers at job fairs by displaying V3 Certified Employer table tents. Please contact your assigned V3 POC to request tents for you to display.

      If you would like to create your own, download the V3 Certified Employer Seal and V3 Program logo here. Review the V3 Program’s V3 Program Branding Standards hereto learn more.



      Attract military job seekers at job fairs by wearing a V3 Certified Employer lapel pin. Please contact your assigned V3 POC to request a pin to wear if you do not currently own one. *Limited to the V3 Employer POC




      Leverage your V3 Certification by adding the V3 Certified Employer Seal to promotional materials.

      Download the V3 Certified Employer Seal here. Review the V3 Program’s V3 Program Branding Standards here to learn more.



  • V3 guide to assist with internal restructuring

    • Use this Organizational Veteran Hiring Plan (OVHP) template is designed to assist you in creating Veteran Hiring Plan for your organization. The template includes subsections that divide the OVHP into sections to help guide employers. Sections include:

      • Design
      • Ready the Workforce
      • Actively Recruit
      • Hire
      • Retain

      Click here to download a copy of the Organizational Veteran Hiring Plan (OVHP) template.

      If additional help is required, please contact your assigned V3 POC if you need any assistance.

  • Use Military Career (MOU) to Civilian Occupations Translators

    • In job postings, include language that recognizes military
      experience as acceptable or lists comparable military occupation titles and codes. Th is helps transitioning military and veteran applicants find, apply and compete for open positions.

      Use online tools to help translate military careers, referred to as MOUs, into civilian occupations. Many free resources term this practice as “translating service” or using a “military to civilian crosswalk”. Some free online examples of tools to use are:

      Military.Com – Translator Tool 

      CareerOneStop – Civilian Translator Tool

      Military Translator Tool

      Transition Assistance Online – Translator Tool

      O*NET – Crosswalk Search

      Stars and Strips Veteran Job Center – Translator Tool 

  • Calculate Military Experience into College Credits

    • Partner with educators, colleges and training organizations to
      help them recognize prior military experience and training that
      may accelerate time needed for a veteran to earn a certificate or degree for needed for a position.

      Some job postings may consider real-world experience in lieu of obtaining a degree of higher education or certification. Virginia Community Colleges free online tool “Credits2Careers” translates military service into college credits. Use this tool as a point of reference when reviewing submitted applications.

      Learn more and use the Credit2Careers free online tool here.

  • Make the process easier on both sides

    • Train hiring managers on how to read or decipher military jargon or references on resumes. Teach hiring managers that veterans may respond differently than other applicants when interviewed and speak about collective accomplishments rather than individual contributions.

      Be open to adjusting the application rubric to allow additional points for Veteran applicants.

      Reach out to the regional Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act Office to help ensure that HR staff are trained on the federal statute that protects servicemembers’ and veterans’ civilian employment rights.


  • Share job openings directly with Veterans

    • Provide job openings to the Virginia Transition Assistance (VTAP) Program to include in the Transition Connection Newsletter. VTAP collects job postings from employers looking to hire veterans and spouses and sends them out twice each week to our list of subscribers. Each posting will host a unique set of job openings for all levels of occupations all across the Commonwealth. We also include upcoming events for you as well and key information you need to know as a Virginia Veteran. In order to join the subscription list, click here.

      If you are an employer or resource provider and would like to receive a copy of the Transition Connection, sign up here.

  • Provide an internship at your organization

    • The HIRE VETS NOW Fellowship Program provides transitioning service members the opportunity to network with Veteran Certified employers offering 6-12 week internships to eligible applicants, with commander approval, up to six months prior to separation. Participation in a fellowship program while still serving in the military allows you to gain marketable skills and experience to enhance your civilian career opportunities. If you are interested in the program and are within 18 months from separation, please email or call (804) 482-8517 for a Service Member Interest Form. For an up-to-date list of available fellowships, click HERE.

  • Sign up to join the Hire Vets Now Networking and Hiring Events

    • V3 and VTAP partnered with the Virginia Chamber to provide networking opportunities for transitioning service members.
      The Hire Vets Now Networking events allows military job seekers to meet employers in a more casual environment throughout the state. These events are hosted with the support of the Veterans Foundation and other local partners. V3 Certified employers are given priority to participate.

      Click here for more information on the HIRE VETS NOW Hiring and Networking Events.

      2020 EVENTS:

      March 19 at Fort Belvoir
      March 26 at Naval Station Norfolk
      April 2 at Joint Base Langley-Eustis
      April 9 at Fort Lee
      April 23 at Oceana
      May 14 at JB Myer-Henderson Hall
      May 28 at Fort Belvoir
      June 4 at Naval Station Norfolk

  • Create an OJT or Apprenticeship Program

    • The Virginia State Approving Agency (SAA) is a member of the National Association of State Approving Agencies (NASAA). NASAA advocates for quality education and training programs for our nation’s veterans. Contact the the SAA Program at the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) to inquire about how to start a program at your organization. SAA will help you organize and create a program. Then SAA will also help certify it.

      During most On-The-Job Training (OJT) or Apprenticeship programs participants earn a lower wage. If a Veteran has remaining G.I. Bill benefits he/she may be eligible to use benefits to fill in the gap of pay to earn a livable wage.

      For more information, contact SAA at 804) 225-2298 or

  • Earn an additional certification as an educator

    • The Training and Education Alliance uses a three-pronged approach to assist transitioning veterans that have chosen educational institutions as their preferred path to employment. Identifying and promoting employment pipelines, providing military cultural sensitivity training to education staff, and highlighting community service initiatives are three methods used by the TEA Alliance program to support Virginia’s Veterans on their path to employment. Connectivity to fellow directorate programs such as Virginia Transition Assistance Program(VTAP) and Virginia Values Veterans(V3) also serve to ensure valuable services are available throughout the entirety of our veterans journeys to their education and employment goals.

      Become a TEA certified educator or have members of staff become a certified TEA Ambassador.

      Click here for list of resources to help Veteran and Military-related students succeed as they pursue their academic goals.

      To learn more about becoming TEA Certified click here.

  • Partner with MMAC to fill healthcare jobs

    • How can the Military Medics and Corpsmen (MMAC) Program help you? Easy. Give us your employment and education goals. We’ll put you on the path to reach them. Looking to continue in patient care? Perhaps a non-clinical career that matches your military training and experience? Maybe a leadership role? Whatever path you choose . . . we’ll clear it for you.

      Path One: MMAC Qualified
      Are you a veteran or transitioning Combat Medic/68W, Corpsman or Medical Technician/4N0X and it has been less than 12 months since you practiced hands-on clinical care? You may be MMAC Qualified. Only in Virginia you can continue to practice your clinical skills without the required civilian healthcare credentials – while you work to get those credentials. Keep skills sharp and credentialing on track with MMAC.

      Path Two: No Veteran Left Behind
      From HR to the ER or from PT to IT or engineering, healthcare needs people now with clinical and non-clinical military training and experience. Ever thought of a non-clinical role in HR, logistics or HVAC? We can help. Next to a patient, behind a desk or on a ladder, we’ll help find your place in healthcare.

      Path Three: Healthcare Leadership
      Hospitals are like military installations. They need experienced leaders to keep things running efficiently and effectively. Are you that leader? From leading a practice or program, to managing safety, supply chain, infrastructure or information technology – if you are management material we’ll help find your fit.

      To learn more click here.

  • Support Women Veterans in the workplace

    • The Virginia Women Veterans Program (WVP) is the first program in the state to dedicate direct resources to Women Veterans.

      Contact the Women Veteran Coordinator to learn more about ways to partner with WVP and receive tools to better serve Women Veterans within your organization.

      Click here to learn more about the program.

  • Support Hiring Military Spourses

    • The U.S. Department of Labor has created resources to help military spouses, American Job Centers, and state licensing agencies understand and take advantage of these laws. Check out the resources below to learn how your organization can support military spouses in licensed occupations.

      To learn more and to take advance of free training visit WorkforceGPS. Check out the Military Spouse License Recognition Resources information.

  • Get Trained on Hiring and Retaining Women Veterans

    • t has been said that women make the most visible service members, but the most invisible Veterans. Women stand out in military uniforms, but as Veterans, blend in with everyone else. While the population of women Veterans receives more attention today than ever before, the military service of individual women is often minimized or overlooked entirely due to outdated assumptions. Women Veterans are often “hidden in plain sight” and are far less likely than men to be asked if they are Veterans. At the end of this course, you’ll be in a better position to bring visibility to the most invisible group of Veterans and you’ll have some actionable tips on how to help level the playing field for women Veterans at your organization.

      Take the free online training here.

  • Wide Range of Free Training to support the Military from PsychArmor® Institute

    • PsychArmor® Institute provides critical resources to Americans so they can effectively engage with and better support military service members, Veterans and their families across our nation. Take the free online courses offered to DVS partners. Click here to create a free account.

  • Bringing Veterans Onboard

    • Assign the veteran a mentor who is also a veteran to help navigate the new corporate landscape. Th is mentor or “buddy” can better relate to the experience of military service and transition.

      • Get to know the veteran by inviting him or her to lunch. Learn
      about the new employee as a person. Be curious about their
      service but not over bearing. Allow the veteran to share what he
      or she is comfortable sharing.

      • Prepare a packet of information about your company’s military and veteran programs, veteran employee resource group, and other resources and opportunities in the new veteran employee’s orientation materials.

      • Send all new veteran hires a personal welcome letter from the
      Military Program Coordinator and/or CEO.

  • Creating Support Groups

    • Successful internal veteran groups are oft en formed organically
      with limited encouragement or direction from senior company

      • Employee resource groups should be structured to support
      company business objectives. For example, at Dominion Energy, the veterans group focus areas are business (recruiting and external awareness), employees (professional development, resources and engagement), and community (volunteerism and giving).

      • Hold regular meetings with steering committees and group
      members. Ask for volunteers for special projects and events,
      gather feedback and ideas. Make sure all members understand its’ vision and mission so each can be a “brand ambassador” for the entire organization.

  • Check-in with Veteran Hires

    • Schedule check-ins with new veteran employees at regular
      intervals for the first 12-18 months. Ask about the transition
      from military to civilian employment and about any problems or
      concerns related to acclimating to the corporate environment.

      • Engage employees by growing responsibilities within and outside the employee’s role.

      Provide Benefit Briefings for veteran employees in partnership
      with the Virginia Department of Veterans Services, VA and other organizations.

      • Provide counseling services and team meetings led by
      professionals from VDVS and others for veteran employees,
      their non-veteran leaders and peers. Sessions such as these
      can educate all employees and may dispel misconceptions or
      misunderstandings of veteran employees.

  • Useful Resources from the V3 Core Curriculum Workbook

  • 2018 Winners

    • Indoor Skydiving Virginia, LLC

      • Best retention practice is to give their employees the $1,000 V3 Grant as a bonus.

      Pro-Sphere Tek, Inc.

      • Most transformative hiring process is due the organization has an excellent Careers page on their website, a veterans only page, and is very streamlined and user friendly focus for prospective veterans.

      First Data

      • Best workforce readiness due to  their cultural awareness around veterans and their commitment to preparing veterans within their workplace before and after their hired.

      IntellecTechs, Inc.

      • Best career development due to great examples of mentoring, job shadowing, and what their Veterans employee support after hiring.

      American Systems

      • Most innovative retention program due to 46% of 2017 hires being Veterans. In addition,  the Service member Outreach and Referral (SOAR) program that is a platform for their employee veterans to strengthen the recruitment, onboarding, and morale of fellow veterans through engagement inside and out of American Systems.
      • Most inspiring workplace culture due to their recognition through US Veterans Magazine for Best of the Best and a Gold Label for being a Top 10 Military Friendly organization. Check out their career video online.

      MBL Technologies

      • Most community impact due to being  a small organization and doing a lot in the community by promoting monthly company-wide campaigns and charitable projects for local Northern Virginia organizations.

      Dominion Energy

      • Best Veteran marketing strategy due to resources in place to promote their Veteran employees and market Dominion as a military-friendly employer. This organization invests in literature, booklets, commercials, a podcast, and promotes their company culture on all social media channels.

      Newport News Shipbuilding

      • Best Veteran Testimony due to the company working with a paralyzed veteran who struggled with employment before but NNS gave him a new opportunity/outlook and has since flourished in their organization. The company made accommodations to support his disability.

      Virginia Department of Transportation

      • VDOT’s agency culture includes using Veterans within the agency to recruit and support other military employees. VDOT has a mentorship program, Veteran’s Day celebration ceremony for their veteran employees and internship program.

      Northern Virginia Technology Council

      • Best V3 Ambassador due to their dedication to outreach to expand V3’s membership. NVTC promotes and refers the most employers to the V3 Program and attends most V3 sponsored events and facilitates the HireVetsNow Networking events held at Fort Belvoir.

      Hanover County Sheriff’s Office

      • As a local government entity Hanover County Sheriff’s Office demonstrates their military-friendly employer status using their social media in creative ways. They have created a show on Facebook and use other social media platforms to promote their office and recruitment for military job-seekers.
  • 2019 Winners

    • Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice

      • The Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (VDJJ) operates and is responsible for the vast majority of local
        Court Service Units (often known as juvenile probation offices) across the Commonwealth, as well as the state-operated Juvenile Correctional Center, Bon Air. On any given day, the Department has somewhere between 4,500 and 5,000 youth under some supervision, with more than 90 percent of those youth supervised in their communities through diversion, probation or parole.
        The Department’s mission is to protect the public by helping court-involved youth become productive
        citizens. VDJJ does this by recruiting and retaining the best-fit employees to work with its residents.
        Veterans, military members, and their families bring unique abilities and experiences to VDJJ’s civilian
        workforce. VDJJ embraces their rich military history, leadership, teamwork, and dedication to push VDJJ

      Chesterfield County Sheriff Office

      • Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is a premier law enforcement agency located in Central Virginia. Led by Sheriff Karl S. Leonard, CCSO provides correctional law enforcement, court security, and the service of civil papers to the citizens of Chesterfield County as primary areas of operational focus. The mission of the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office is to serve and protect the citizens of the county professionally and efficiently and per the United States Constitution, Constitution of Virginia, federal and state laws and the ordinances of Chesterfield County. With an organization of over 300 talented individuals, 30% of which represent current or former military servicemen and women, CCSO has pioneered programs that have garnered national attention and accolades. CCSO employees live and work by their motto, “Duty to Serve, Passion to do it with Dignity and Respect.”

      Praescient Analytics 

      • Praescient Analytics, LLC (Praescient) is a Veteran-led, certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) founded in 2011 that specializes in providing technical support, data visualization, and advanced data analysis services to the defense, intelligence, civilian, and law enforcement communities. Praescient specializes in understanding the unique challenges of its clients and works to identify, vet, enhance, and implement innovative technologies to provide full-scope solutions. Praescient supported 40 organizations across 100 sites in 30 states across six continents in support of over 200,000 analysts worldwide. Its experts hail from backgrounds in the following areas: data analytics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, business intelligence, data science and curation, predictive and mobile
        analytics, cyber, and cloud computing.

      Prism, Inc.

      • For over 20 years, PRISM, Inc. has been devoted to modernization and innovation within the world of technology, cyber-security, and IT enterprise solutions. PRISM, Inc. is committed to meeting performance requirements and exceeding customer expectations.

      Smithfield Foods

      • Smithfield Foods is a $15 billion global food company and the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer. In the United States, the company is also the leader in numerous packaged meats categories with popular brands including Smithfield®, Eckrich®, Nathan’s Famous®, Farmland®, Armour®, Farmer John®,
        Kretschmar®, John Morrell®, Cook’s®, Gwaltney®, Carando®, Margherita®, Curly’s®, Healthy Ones®,
        Morliny®, Krakus®, and Berlinki®. Smithfield Foods is committed to responsibly providing good food and maintains robust animal care, community involvement, employee safety, environmental, and food safety and
        quality programs. For more information, visit

      Wittenberg Weiner Consulting, LLC

      • Wittenberg Weiner Consulting, LLC (WWC) is a Federally-focused management consulting firm with extensive experience at the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of State, and USAID. WWC takes a holistic government approach to program management, financial management, regulatory compliance and review, strategic communications, metrics and evaluation, and policy design. As an experienced provider to clients spanning the “three Ds” of Defense, Diplomacy, and Development, WWC has more than 15 years of support to U.S. Government clients both in the U.S. and overseas at military bases, embassies, and USAID missions. WWC understands the inner workings of government and the unique challenges that our Federal clients face. WWC manages extraneous lateral tasks to allow its clients to focus on their core missions. WWC offers tailored solutions gleaned from best practices across government, from the White House to forward operating locations and the private sector.

      Medical Temporaries, Inc. 

      • Medical Temporaries, Inc. has been a leader in medical job placement for the past 30 years in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. Specializing in staffing the medical field, Medical Temporaries, Inc. recruits candidates to fill positions within the healthcare industry, including clinical and clerical professionals. Many opportunities lead to long term employment through its temp to hire program. Medical Temporaries, Inc. is proud to offer its services to qualified Veterans and Military Spouses.

      City of Richmond

      • While evidence of its rich history is evident throughout the capital city, Richmond is proud to offer modern-day
        opportunities to its estimated 204,000 citizens. Richmond consistently ranks among “Best Places to Live and Work in America” in several publications. In July 2018, the city became V3 certified. At that time, it had only 137 employees identified as Veterans. Mayor Stoney redefined the business case for hiring veterans and has articulated to his leadership at all levels. The city’s Human Resources staff has identified current workforce data and military skill sets needed to meet our business needs. Today, the City of Richmond has achieved over 80% of its V3 initiatives and has over 359 veteran
  • Get creative, get inspired and be a trailblazer!

    • Support for military job-seekers can be obtained no matter the size of your organization. We understand that not all organizations are the same and resources vary. However, we are here to help you brainstorm ideas to provide more support for your Veteran workforce. Support comes in various ways. Consider areas that include:

      • Employee engagement
      • Employee benefits and resources
      • Workplace structure
      • Company culture
      • Employee appreciation
      • State and local military-friendly support


      Here are a few helpful examples of things that can be down within an organization for Veteran employee engagement:

      • Veteran Employee Lunch
      • Host a Women Veteran Pinning Ceremony
      • Work with your locality to do a military friendly-proclamation
      • Provide military discounts
      • Let employees eat cake! Purchase a birthday cake for military branch birthdays and invite Veterans of that branch to participate by getting a lunch dessert
      • Show how proud you are of military employees by doing a work-wide email blast thanking them for their service (by name)
      • Collect military employees service pictures and display them within the office
      • Allow staff to take “civil” or “special” leave to volunteer for a military-friendly organization
      • Organize a service project with staff by supporting a military-friendly cause
      • Create Veteran networking groups within the company and allow them to meet periodically
      • Pull military employees and use them to recruit other service members or provide feedback about what the organization could do better to support Veterans
      • Allow V3 or DVS to use your venue to host a military event (e.g. hiring fair, networking event, panel discussion, etc.)
      • Allow the Benefits Office and other DVS services to visit your location periodically to provide resources/support to Veteran employees
      • Consider promoting remote job opportunities within the Military Spouse network to help stay-at-home spouses remain a support system for those serving our country
      • Consider hosting an internal training of the V3 Core Curriculum for your organization. Register for an online webinar and invite your team to take the webinar together. Use a projector, get snacks and ask our team to mail booklets for everyone to follow along.

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